About TMSNnet

TMSN was established in 2004 by four professionals with many years of experience in the insurance field. Since its founding more than a decade ago, TMSN has grown into a professional consulting company with more than 40 members, all with experience in the fields of insurance and information technology.
These experienced professionals are well versed in life insurance, property & casualty insurance, and reinsurance, as well as in strategic planning and developing IT systems that support the specific needs of insurance companies.
Several TMSN members also have international experience.

Our mission and Target Client

The mission of TMSN is to impart to the next generation of insurance professionals the knowledge and expertise of its members. TMSN members strongly believe in the importance of learning accurate information about the field of insurance in order to achieve business success. Therefore, TMSN’s desire is to offer high quality seminars that are not only theoretical but also very practical in the real business world.
To date, more than 4000 individuals have participated in a TMSN training seminar. Participants note that the seminars are quite comprehensive and practical since they are grounded in the extensive experience of TMSN members.

Our clients are not only insurance companies but also IT vendors who want to expand the business opportunities among insurance industry who needs the cutting edge IT systems for future growth.

Our Services

TMSN provides the following services at least:

1.Education and Training Seminar

TMSN believes that consistent and repetitive education and training is of essence for your success in business community. Learning on principle of insurance is quite important to keep the soundness of insurance business. TMSN’s seminars are quite flexible and designed to meet the specific needs of its clients.

2.Business consulting for insurers as well as for IT vendors

TMSN provides the advising and consulting services by fully utilizing sufficient business experiences of its members.

3.Assistance & Consultant service for ensuring the adequacy of protection of personal information system

Comparing with the western industrialized countries including EU and USA, Japan is far behind in respect of personal information protection. Due to full effect of the amended Act on the Protection of Personal Information on May 30, 2017, full-fledged activities of Personal Information Protection Commission (PPC) starts. TMSN retains several qualified Assessors for the personal information protection system meeting with the requirements of JIS Q 15001.

Our Key Word is "Flexibility"

The professionals of TMSN are ready to support your business including but not limited to insurance, agency management, information technology and PMS as indicated in“Our Services”.

We will welcome any opportunity to work with you, when:
    -You need an in depth seminar for an individual employee,
                                                or addressing for department staff on your issues.
    -You need to reassess IT environment: for Carriers and/or Agencies.
    -You like to review or to induce PMS in your office.

We look forward to any opportunity our expertise may be utilized in your business environment.