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Our Services

TMSN provides the following services at least:

1. Education and Training Seminar

TMSN believes that consistent and repetitive education and training is of essence for your success in business community. Learning on principle of insurance is quite important to keep the soundness of insurance business. TMSN’s seminars are designed to meet the specific needs of its clients.
Within the context of being quite flexible, TMSN offers the following types of seminars:

  • A 1-day open seminar for beginners in the insurance field;offered monthly.
  • 1-2 day seminars content will vary depending on the request and needs of the client.
  • Longer seminars or courses based on the request and needs of the client. Seminars can be offered for groups or individuals.

2. Business consulting for insurers as well as for IT vendors

TMSN provides the advising and consulting services by fully utilizing sufficient business experiences of its members. The following are some examples of TMSN’s recent consulting work:

  • Support of the IT system audits management examination
  • Evaluate the system security of an insurance company
  • Support of the marketing process improvement for an insurance company
  • Support of the IT system project for an insurance company
  • Support of the IT system for an insurance agency
  • Support of the foreign IT venders in Japanese insurance market

3. Assistance & Consultant service
        for ensuring the adequacy of protection of personal information system

Comparing with the western industrialized countries including EU and USA, Japan is far behind in respect of personal information protection. Due to full effect of the amended Act on the Protection of Personal Information on May 30, 2017, full-fledged activities of Personal Information Protection Commission (PPC) starts. TMSN retains several qualified Assessors for the personal information protection system meeting with the requirements of JIS Q 15001. The following services are provided in accordance with the needs of clients:

  • Advising & Consulting for preparatory work to obtain “Privacy Mark” logo which is a trusted indicator of protection and conformance of the requirements of rules and procedures
  • Audit on the present PMS (Personal Information Management System)
  • Education & Training of client’s staff